Get Inspired Scrapbooking Challenge: Graphic Word Blocks

Good morning everyone and welcome to a new challenge!

Over the next few months I’m going to highlight a particular product in the DD store that has inspired me to scrap a layout, talk a little bit about my process and challenge you to use that same product on a page.

When at a mojo low (!) I will often browse the store for inspiration. I seem to have a dearth of new photos lately (life being a bit too hectic for the camera), but often I will spy a product that gives me an idea for a page using an older, less inspiring or even a neglected photo from weeks or months ago.

While browsing last week I came across Katie’s Graphic Word Blocks No.5, and I fell in love with the icons on some of them.

It occured to me that I could use the arrow block as a kind of paper clip, with the border running underneath a photo and the arrow over the top (I’d need to do a little judicious erasing – but I do like doing that), so I decided to go looking for a photo to use. In my daughter’s instagram account, of course! Ah – a little pic of the grandpeople cooking with their superhero capes on!

When I open up a No.5 of something, I’m always curious about earlier versions of the product, so off I went to check them out in the store . . . and in Pack No.4 I spied the “Living Every Minute” block.

This phrase just seems to sum up the life attitude of these three small humans and I knew I had to use it with that photo and the paper clip idea went out the door!

I used the instamatic style photo frame as I wanted to create space under the photo for a secondary title. It has a fairly heavy shadow, so to balance that out a bit I made the Graphic Word Block into a thick cardboard element. You can do this by duplicating it, filling the bottom one with black and then nudging it to the right and down a couple of pixels. Then I clipped some paper to the top one and applied a biggish shadow to it. It just then remained to pop a matching coloured doily underneath the photo (makes a row of 3 patches of the same colour), add 3 groups of stars for a visual triangle and an inky scribble for some movement and some quick explanatory journaling. Done!

But I really liked the paper clip idea! So this time I went looking in my son’s facebook photos 🙂

The new Monthly Memories V2 Element Pack No. 6 has a slide frame that was the perfect match for the baby’s yellow t-shirt. There wasn’t much colour in the rest of the photo, so I decided to go with the colours in the Monthly Memories V2 Foundations Pack and clipped the orange and the blue to two arrow blocks. I placed the blue one underneath the photo and the orange one on the top, erasing part of it so that it looks as though its border is lying under the photo. I wanted to make it look as though the arrows were cut from paper and that the orange one was curling up a bit from the surface of the photo.

I work in Elements and so there’s a bit of a process to getting your drop shadows on a separate layer in order to manipulate them. Sara has a little tutorial about how to tweak shadows HERE
As Sara says, once you have got that style dialog box open, you can drag the shadow away from the element. If you drag it far enough to see all of it (none of it hidden by the element you’re working with), then you can right click on the layer in the layers panel and select ‘simplify’. Once that is done, you can select the shadow using your lasso tool and then at the top of your workspace, select layer > new > layer via cut. You will then have your shadow on a separate layer. You will need to move the shadow layer down the layers panel to get it below the element and then you can use your move tool to move it back underneath your element. I then use the smudge tool to move the shadow a little here and there to mimic the shadows left by real craft items. This takes a bit of trial and error with what size and strength to make your tool, but it’s very satisfying to get something that looks real. Sometimes it works for me and sometimes it doesn’t (I’m no Katie Pertiet – lol), but I enjoy messing about with it. I also use the burn and dodge tools to make the element itself a little darker or lighter to add to the effect.

Debi (beehive50) and I share the view that scrapping makes good therapy. I had asked Debi to use the Graphic Word Blocks in a LO, and she honoured me with this very real account of some trying times she is experiencing in caring for her much loved dad. As always, Debi’s use of elements is inspiring. She has stamped a word block from the No.4 pack above her photo as part of the page title and then finished off her journaling with two stamped icon blocks from the No.5 pack. She scaled them right down and held them together with her signature brad! SO clever!

How might YOU use the Graphic Word Blocks? I hope Debi and I have inspired you to use one or more of these in a layout. You could use any of the blocks from any of the Graphic Word Block Packs, but I have asked Randy to pop Sets 4 & 5 in this week’s sale 😉

Please post your page in the Scrapbook Challenge Gallery. If your Layout is created with 100% DD product, don’t forget to add it to the June Challenge Participation Thread to earn shopping rewards!

Hope you have fun with this one! Happy scrapping!

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  1. Sherry- digi371 says:

    Love this idea, of trying out a product and learning something new. Thanks Sharon!

  2. Karen Clinkinbeard says:

    I agree with Sherry. I would not have thought to use the word blocks like this. It is so helpful to have the products demonstrated in new ways. I loved this idea and promptly purchased the WordBlocksNo4. P.S. I love your scrapbooking style and save many of your layouts for inspriation. Thank you, Karen

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