Get Inspired Scrapbooking Challenge – Empty Frames

Good morning everyone!
It’s time for the first challenge for October – YES – October!
I’m just not sure where all the time is going :O
I love all the photo frames available in the DD store. I use frames a lot – rarely do I use an unframed photo in my layouts, but I must admit to being pretty limited in the frames I choose for my photos. Usually I will use a classic curled frame like these:
or a ripped frame like these (on special this week!):

I really like to use empty frames as a layering element though, and using this technique gives me the chance to experiment with some of the other lovely frames in store.
Several of Katie’s kits from back in 2013 included gorgeously thin kraft frames in a variety of shapes (I DO think this technique works best with thinner frames). The Pine Creek Element Pack is on special this week and includes a gorgeous star frame that I’d love to have a go at using this way. Note to self: look for an appropriate photo!

The soft and lovely Terra Botanica Kit includes 3 of these kraft frames; a circle, a square and a rectangle.

I used the square frame from this kit in this layout celebrating my mum’s 84th birthday.

I rather like the rigid look of the square frames against the softness of the Watery Blumes. I’ve used repetitions of three empty frames and three buttons which always makes me happy 🙂

The Garden Trails Scrapbooking Collection, also on special this week, has some beautiful wood veneer frames included.

I’ve used them in this photo of Flora and I sharing yet. another. story!

I’ve used groups of three again, but more subtly here. I’ve only used the wood veneer frames twice, but the shape is repeated for a third time (I used the magic wand tool to select the inside of the empty frame, created a new layer and then filled the selection with the foreground colour to make a mask to clip patterned paper to). The texture of the frames is also repeated in the wood veneer title making another group of three. I just love it when everything just “fits” together well. See how one S in the title just tucks into that empty frame, and the other S is followed by the curve of the patterned paper. That just makes my heart sing – I know, I know – a bit nerdy but there you go!!!

There are some great Fall product packs on special this week that would work beautifully for this technique:
Some Plain Wood Veneer Frames

Some more wood veneer frames in this Autumn Winds Kit

And these Framing Fall frames would be rather interesting I think!

So, your “Get Inspired” challenge this month is an easy one I think . . . to create a layout that features empty frames!

I’ll be posting my layouts, with complete product lists, in the Scrapbook Challenge Gallery and I hope you’ll join me with your layout!!

Don’t forget to add your 100% DD layouts to the October Challenges Participation Sign-in Thread to earn store rewards!

I hope you are inspired to scrap – see you in the gallery!

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