Get Inspired Scrapbooking Challenge: Circling Sentiments

Hi everyone – sorry for the later than expected post. Crazy busy here – just like you I imagine!
You may have noticed that I tend to like everything nicely squared up on my pages – someone did once “dare” me to place a photo crookedly on a page which I took exception to – because I CAN do crooked – truly!
ANYway . . . what I DO like to find are circular elements that can break up my lines a bit or even add a bit of movement to a layout.
This month we’re going to have a bit of a play with Katie’s Circling Sentiments Packs 1 & 2 released in 2016.
I’ve used the No.1 Pack in all my sample pages this month, but the No.2 Pack is equally as nice.

The really cool thing about these is that each element also comes as individual components so you can use all or just part of each element, or even swap components around between elements.

For my first example I used just the sentiment part of one of the elements, tucking it under layers and also having it run off the edge of the page to add some interest to the bottom edge.

For my second layout, I’ve chosen two components. I turned them into printed cardboard pieces (we’ve done this in previous challenges – but I’m happy to talk you through this if you’re not sure – just PM me), and screwed the middle one down. I made a group of three – yup . . . predictable old me! This is a much busier layout than I’d usually be happy with but it is certainly reflective of the chaos that has reigned at our place over the last month or so!

For my last example, I’ve used the entire element, but I’ve made it look as if I’ve stacked concentric circles. I made the biggest component look like a cutout, and then grouped the remaining components into sets, placing a ‘cardboard circle’ under each set. I finished off with a bow held down with a brad in the centre.

I hope you will be inspired to play along this month – I’ve asked Randy to pop both sets of circling sentiments in this weeks sale. I’ll be adding my layouts, with complete product lists, to the Scrapbook Challenge Gallery and I hope to see your layout there too!

Don’t forget to add your 100% DD layouts to the December Challenge Participation Thread in the forum to earn store rewards!

And because my next challenge post will be in the New Year (!!!!), may I take this opportunity to say, “Have a ripper Aussie Christmas, mate!”

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