Artsy Challenge: Photo Clusters

Here we go again, time for another Artsy Challenge. When you think artsy I bet your mind envisions single photo, lots of white space with brushwork and lots of blending. Well, I wanted to show that a page can be very artsy even when filled with more photos. After all, record keeping sometimes requires the use of a bunch of pictures on one page, right? Anyway, I got a couple of my sweet co-workers  to help out, here is what they came up with:
This one is by Merr, I just love her photography! Could this be any cuter? A progression of close-ups and such an artful use of brushwork! I really like how she extended it over the journaling tag. Just beautiful! Here are the supplies she used:
No Day Like Today Vol. 2 (coming soon) – by A. Edwards plus:
Washi tapes: Lovely Clusters #1, Curated Studio Mix Scrapbooking Kit #2, Watery Scribbles Brushes and Stamps #1, Just Linens Paper Pack 55, Arrowhead Peak Kit, Stitched Down Dates, Heart Scattering Brushes and Stamps, Artsy Layered Blends #2, Page Blends #1

Next is a page by Jenelle (js_74)
How different the photo cluster looks here, I love how she used the journaling spot for that sweet photo and the yellow brushwork behind the cluster is just gorgeous, extending the colors from her photos! The doodled garland really adds an artsy touch, as does the Fine Line Twist she used. Here is the complete list of her supplies:
K. Pertiet: PhotoClusters #36 (from freebie), Artsy Layered Paints #2, Watery PHoto Masks #8, Watery Banners Brushes and Stamps #1, Brilliant Love Expanded Scrapbooking Collection, Doodledo Garland Brushes and Stamps #1, Fine Line Twists Brushes and Stamps #2
A. Edwards: No Day Like Today Brushes and Stamps #2
Here is the page I created


I tried to give it an artsy feel by adding part of a blended photo and scatterings and twists. I did not want to add too many different colors, since it’s supposed to go with a page I created previously and I kind of liked the monochromatic feel here… here is what I used on it:
L. Grieveson:  All White Now #3, Arrowhead Peak PP, Arrowhead Peak kit
K. Pertiet: Bold and Scripted #10, Stitching Holes Hearts #1, watery arrows #2,
Photo Journal Clusters #2,Watery photo mask #9, ledger grids #4, watery spots #11,
Artsy Paint #1, Bead Scatterings #3, fine line twists #1, coastal kit

I hope you like the inspiration. Here is a little freebie to help you get started 🙂 Don’t forget about our new rewards program for participation. You can read all the details right here

Don’t forget to post your pages in the Artsy Challenge Gallery, I can’t wait to see what you will come up with!

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  1. littlemelch says:

    Hi, I’m new to this challenge. Can you help me by giving a definition of “artsy”? I look at these LOs and think they are fantastic in many ways but can’t pick up on what makes them “artsy”. I would love to participate… Thank you in advance, Sarah

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