Art Journal Inspiration #7 June 2014

Hello again! Are you feeling summer yet?  Where I live, the heat of summer is soon upon us. And I sit here in my living room with the laptop on my lap feeling hot with the air condition already running. I turn to art journaling when I feel that need to create but I don’t necessarily feel like documenting a more traditional scrapbooking page.  (I apologize for not adding screen photos, but I couldn’t get the copy/paste to work on the blog editor tonight.)

I started out tonight with a photo of some flowers I took about a year ago. I also had a certain feeling in mind that I wanted to convey on my page. The other decision I had made was to go for a centralized composition.

I found a lovely background paper, dragged my photo over and used one of Katie’s new painted clusters as a mask. The mask I coupled to the photos,  set it to a blending mode of Linear Burn, but it was too dark, so I made a copy of the mask layer BELOW and used a Screen blending mode on this one to lighten the image.

I then add  all the mask layers into  a group folder and while in this layer I right clicked and opened the Blending Options. In the Layer Style window that opens, I play with the bottom sliders. Especially the slider at the very bottom makes the canvas texture pop when I adjust the sliders. I use a PC, so when I hold down the Alt button, the small arrows will split and I can drag them apart and the adjustment is more accurate.

From there I went on to to do brushwork. I used Katie’s new watery spot brushes which are awesome!! I also used some edge brushes in order to create that distinct line in the middle of the page. I am playing with the idea that I want to square off the page somehow. I look for something in my stash to use for the vertical lines. I settle on using more edge brushes for the effect I was looking for.

Then I find the stitched summer sun and added a slight shadow to it. I then write the journalling, a short something I wrote earlier in the day and kept it on my tablet. I feel it needs something to the  left for balance and decided on Katie’s beautiful lighthouse brushes, of which I erase whatever was interfering with the center piece.


And there I have it. My page this week. I was hoping you might be inspired to use a centralized design (we so often seem to be stuck in the Rules of Third design.) Or perhaps to use more brushwork on your page. Or even play around with blend modes.
While you are at it, don’t forget to post your pages to our own Art Journal Gallery.

Until next time, be safe.     ~ Aino.


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2 Responses to Art Journal Inspiration #7 June 2014

  1. Bonnie says:

    LOVE the page and really want the paper and it isn’t mentioned other than found some cute paper. Anyone know what it is? Great job on this, a favorite for sure.

    • Aino says:

      Hi there Bonnie!
      Thank you for your kind words.
      The paper is part of a new collection that is coming out this weekend called Malene!
      If you go to the page in the Art Journal Gallery, you can find the credits for the other
      items I used.

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