1st October Template Challenge

Well, Spring has arrived in the Southern hemisphere, and here in Western Australia we are enjoying a mix of cloudy rainy days and surprisingly warm sunny ones. I think we might be in for a hot summer!
My grand-people have been enjoying lots of outdoor time in their school holidays and I was looking for some ideas to scrap a cute pic my daughter sent me. The kids are climbing on a large circular installation at the park and so I wanted to use circles in my page. I came across Layer Works No. 905 by Kayleigh from not too long ago and I loved the combination of stitched and doodled circles.

I decided to combine it with another recent Layer Works template: No. 998. I love that it has lots of layers and elements to choose from.

Carmel (caapmun) and Esther (esther_a) were keen to have a go at mashing up these two templates, and I love how different their layouts are.

Esther kept the circle as the basis for her layout and used all of the photo frames available, duplicating some of them to create a ‘rotation’ of photos taken at a unique and intriguing fashion show. She has used the doilies and the bows from both templates as page elements, as well as lots of the brushes and stamps which add interest and an appropriate “grunge” to her background.

Carmel on the other hand has deleted all the brushwork excepting the Fine Line Scribble and the Doodledo circle to create a very clean and spacious looking background. The layers and elements she’s chosen set off that lovely photo to perfection!

I had lots of fun with mine, using the circular background and one of the photo frames from No.905, and grabbing most of my layers and elements from No.998. I loved my dotted blue circle, but it was originally a little overpowering, so I enlarged the doily to almost cover it and was pleased with that effect. I think I’ve said it before, but I really like the way that the layers in the Layer Works templates are named with the product used. In the case of No.998, Kayleigh has predominantly used the Fall Garden Kit. This makes it so easy to use the same kit to swap in and out elements that will still coordinate with the rest of the template. I did this with the paper strip, swapping out the dark teal for the orange. As is my wont (!), I recoloured the spotted paper and the labels to pull out the blue sky of my photo and stickerised some wordart from the shop for a title.

I hope you have as much fun as I did mashing up these two templates (check Thursdays sale!) – don’t forget to link up your page in the October Challenge Participation Thread after you’ve posted in the Template Challenge Gallery

Happy scrapping!!!

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