Template challenge – single photo with lots of elements

Happy Tuesday everyone,
We’ve been dealing with the first of the nasty Winter colds in our house over the last few days, so I hope it’s been a better week at your place!
On Mother’s Day, which was a very un-Winter like day we all went out for a little bush-walk at some nearby waterfalls, and Flo stripped all her clothes off (as she does at every opportunity these days) and had an outdoor bath in one of the rock pools. Cute photo opportunity, although I really only managed to get one!
So when I came to choosing templates for today’s challenge, I went looking for a single photo template and found these two that I thought could work together well.

Layerworks No. 981 – a travel template

and Layerworks No. 1011 – an autumn template

While they are themed templates, there is plenty of scope for scrapping any kind of photo with a wealth of coloured elements to choose from, some lovely brushwork, wooden accents and some interesting text paths to use. you could choose to go with the “blocked” design from 981 as I did, or use that pretty circular design from 1011.

I was really happy with the results using my ‘cheeky’ photo:

Look for the templates in this week’s sale and have a play! I hope you have as much fun as I did!
Please post your page in the Template Challenge Gallery and don’t forget to add your 100% DD product page to the May Challenge Participation Sign-in thread in the forums to earn shopping rewards!

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itunes: Have a bright idea

Heya, apologies for later posting today, boy child fell at school and now has a cast on his arm – or a stookie as we call it in Scotland.

Anyway, with the warmer weather around. I went looking for a bright cover for this month’s challenge, and came across this one. I liked the song when it was out, and I love the vibrant cover.

For inspiration you could go with the bright colour scheme. I love the starburst effect, they always add a touch of drama to a page, particularly with a dark background. The title font is clear, bold and easy to read. Then there’s the flying repeated shapes, you could use patterned paper, or a favourite series of flowers as a frame for your photo. Lastly, there’s the central figure. I can see pages using extracted elements from a photo, or an action photograph.

I decided to use this photo of my girl and my niece ready for a fun afternoon in the garden. Luna loves it when she is dressed similarly to her big cousin. I added a starburst effect, and used this fun heart frame to contain the patterned paper.

I used Bliss Scrapbook bundle; Starburst brushes no. 02; Wood Veneer Words No. 12; Chunky Cuts Love No. 02

Now it’s your turn, I’d love to see your pages inspired by the album cover. Katie’s generously provided a freebie for the challenge. Post your pages in the itunes gallery so we can leave some love. Remember you can join in the rewards scheme, keep track of your layouts in the participation thread.

Happy scrapping!

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Saturday Scraplift: A Tight Design with Corners

There are so many things to love about scrapbooking: preserving photos and memories, playing with fun goodies, and leaving a legacy for descendants. In addition to all those elements, scrapbooking has also taught me about design which, I hope, has enhanced the pages I’ve produced. I love looking at pages in terms of design, and Debi’s pages (beehive50) never disappoint. The page I chose appealed to me because of its tight design, the strong corner element, and her impeccable use of white space. My fellow Creative Team members Jana and Anke joined me in lifting Debi’s terrific page. Here’s how she inspired us. 

Debi’s page:

 Jana (jana) has created a lovely page to highlight her beautiful sunflower photo. The white space gives the viewer’s eye plenty of room to rest, and the pops of yellow pull the viewer right to the center of the design. Her brushwork serves to create the corner behind her photo. I also love that butterfly she placed so realistically on her photo.

 Credits: Moonlight Dreams Scrapbooking Kit; Watery Typecast Sentiments Brushes and Stamps No. 06; Watery Typecast Sentiments Brushes and Stamps No. 04; Sunflower Blends No. 01; Photo Clusters No. 62; Title Lines Brushes and Stamps No. 22; ARToption Mini Mix No. 02; Vintage Garden Element Pack No. 01

Anke’s (anke) page documents an outing that’s become a fun weekly tradition for her and her husband. She’s used strong brushwork lines beneath her photo to achieve the look of a corner, and her title and journaling extend those lines. The repetition of the color turquoise helps to unify this well-designed page.

Credits: Clean Stitched Borders No. 03 Teal;  Vintage Side Lift Photo Frames No. 01; Fallen Trails Element Pack; All Around 4×6 Borders Travel Brushes and Stamps No. 01; Tightly Kerned Titles Brushes and Stamps No. 04; ARToptions Krafty Paper Pack No. 02; Vintage Mix Clusters Brushes, Stamps and Layers No. 11; Cameron Element Pack

I’ll confess that I struggle with white space; using it does not come naturally to me. I incorporated white space around my photo with the large circular element, but then its weight seemed off balance, and I decided to add the strips on the left. I used my photo to create the corner which I expanded with a couple of Kayleigh’s readymade borders.

Credits: Winter Whites Dots and Stripes Paper Pack; Arctic Whites Paper Pack; Cambrianna Element Pack; Wooden Flakes; Back to School Element Pack; Artsy Painted Sketches Snowflakes No. 01;  Watery Flakes Brushes and Stamps No. 04; Classic Curled Photo Frames No. 06; Satin Stitched Flakes; Pinned Wood Veneer Flakes No. 01; Digging Out Brushes and Stamps; Winter Whites Washi Printable Tape Strips; Drop Shadow Styles No. 02; Readymade Borders: Winter No. 04; Readymade Borders: Winter No. 05

I know you’ll be inspired by Debi’s page, and I’m eager to see what you create. Remember to post your lift in the Saturday Scraplift Challenge Gallery as well as in the May Challenge Participation Sign-in thread in the forum. Happy scrapping!



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How to Use Watery Photo Masks with Photos in Photoshop and PSE [Video]

This week’s Adobe Photoshop or Elements tip of the week is now available on video. This weeks tip is on How to Use Watery Photo Masks with Photos in Photoshop and PSE.

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Let’s Blend Challenge – Changing Backgrounds

Hi Everyone…I love to change up backgrounds, and I do it quite a bit. So this month, we are going to work on blending backgrounds.

We have brilliant, bright blue skies here in Arizona, and they are lovely. However, sometimes they can be a bit boring. That’s when I bring in some interesting background papers and get blending. A perfect example are the photos I’ve taken of the ospreys that are up in Flagstaff. The background on this piece was created with two different papers and I used it below the photo and above the photo and masked out the osprey. I then ran the finished piece through Topaz Studio to give it a more painted blended look so it didn’t look like I just plopped him on a piece of paper. Here’s the before and after as well as the papers used: Cloudscapes No. 2 Paper Pack, Destination Sand Dunes Paper Pack

Another example of a page I created a few years ago, using one of the the papers from the Grunge Source line.

Try thinking outside of the box with your backgrounds and combining two or three together. Katie has provided the two papers I used for my osprey page as a freebie for this month. Try using them, or look around in the store for something that might work with your photo.

When you complete your page, post them in the Mask Appeal Challenge Gallery and don’t forget to link up your page in the May Participation Thread for proper credit. Enjoy!



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Scrapbook Color Challenge for May

It’s May and all is blooming!

So it’s the perfect time to put the spotlight on pinks for this month’s color challenge!

You can grab this great little freebie sampler to get you started [only available this month]
And check out all things pink in the store for something new and fresh to scrapbook with!

To inspire you the team put together a couple of great pages!

First up is guest team member, Audrey! Love the soft shades of pink she’s chosen.

pink scrapbook page layout

And this page from Linda is bursting with Pinks!

pink scrapbook page layout

Post your pages in the Color Challenge Gallery and don’t forget when you use ALL DD product on your challenge page you should post a link of your page in the May Challenge Participation thread so that it will count toward your savings in the rewards program.  Everyone’s a winner!

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Saturday Scraplift: Celebrating Mom

Here in the U.S., tomorrow is Mother’s Day. So when Katie posted her celebration of Mom page, I realized that maybe this SSL should be about our Moms. Or maybe it should be about botanicals, or handscripted word art, all I know is that you will find some inspiration from this week’s colorful page.

Two of our guest CT members joined me this week. Adrianita scrapped an older photo of her with her Mom when they carried on a family tradition of visiting the Lilac Festival on Mother’s Day. The lilac flowers accented by the botanical brushes and pencil brushwork are just gorgeous. Not to mention the smiles. 🙂

Vintage Botanicals Layered Photo Frames No. 01, Watery Wings and Branches Border Strip Layers No. 01, Forever Fresh Element Pack, Vintage Botanicals Stickers No. 01
Hand Scripted for Mom Brushes and Stamps No. 02, Clipped Stacks with Layers No. 14
Stitched Up Frames No. 04, Pencil Line Leaves Brushes and Stamps No. 04, Artsy Blend Layers Botanicals No. 06, Gesso No. 04, Watery Photo Masks No. 16, Monthly Memories Vol. 02: Foundations No. 05, Just Linens Crush Party Paper Pack

Lisa also went with an older photo of her Mom with her kids. All these moments are so special and I’m glad she was able to showcase the photo with beautiful blue and yellow flowers.

Scraplift page layout

Studio DD Readymade Layers: Botanical Clusters No.07, Booked Blue Botanical Scrapbooking Collection, Typewriter Clusters Brushes and Stamps No. 01, Vintage Botanicals Layered Photo Frames No. 01, Hand Scripted for Mom Brushes and Stamps No. 02, Artsy Layered Template No. 06, Artsy Layered Template No. 05, Stamp Sets: Spring Brushes and Stamps, Basic Grids Neutrals Paper Pack No. 01, Vintage Botanicals Paper Pack No. 01

Finally, I too found an older photo of my Mom with me and my sister. Sometimes those shutterfly “here’s the photos you took 12 years ago” emails are well timed. 😉 I kept with the botanical theme and did my best to manage the various colors in the photo.

Blendable Layers No. 101, Blendable Layers No. 89, Blendable Layers No. 40, Vintage Botanicals Layered Photo Frames No. 02, Flair Minis No. 01, Hand Scripted for Mom Brushes and Stamps

I hope you are inspired by the theme, the design or some of the elements this week. And feel free to dig up an older photo of your Mom like we did. They all deserve to be scrapped. 🙂 Be sure to post your page in the Saturday Scraplift Gallery. If you use 100% DD products, your page qualifies for the rewards program. Please  post your pages in the May 2019 Challenge Participation Thread. Have a wonderful weekend!

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Documenting Stories about Mom

Scrapbook stories of mom

Mother’s Day is this weekend and that gets me thinking…

We scrapbook our children. We scrapbook our grandchildren. We scrapbook ourselves.

But how much do we know about our moms before we came along?

What was their childhood like? Where did they live? Where did they go on vacations?
What were their school years like? Their first job? So many questions!

documenting stories of mom

I consider myself quite lucky. My mom kept scrapbooks of her photos. Unfortunately there weren’t many stories documented but I do have the photos and I still have my mom here to ask questions and document some of those stories.

Mother’s Day weekend is a great reminder to document your mom’s stories of her life before you! And if you’re mom is no longer with you, then think about your own story before you became a mom and start documenting that for future generations. At some point someone in your family *will* be interested in knowing more about you and it’s a great lesson in self discovery too! Check out the My Story series of products to help get you started!

And if you’re visiting with your mom this weekend, jot down some questions to ask her. Ask her to bring out old photo albums and get to know your mom’s story before you came along!

There are so many good reasons to scrapbook! Document your story today!

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Time for a Template Mashup!

DesignerDigitals Template mashup

Hey there!

Hope your May is off to a good start! I’m jumping in here to cover for some tech difficulties and have a fresh new Template Mashup to inspire you to scrapbook!

This go-round we’re mashing up the Oh Yes Template with Collaging Vintage Layers No.2

Audrey DesignerDigitals Scrapbook Page Layout

Our guest team member, Audrey, did a fabulous job combining the two. Showing you just how easy it is to join in this challenge!

Post your pages in the Template Challenge Gallery and don’t forget when you use ALL DD product on your challenge page you should post a link of your page in the May Challenge Participation thread so that it will count toward your savings in the rewards program.  Everyone’s a winner!

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Finding just the Right Page Template

Best Digital Scrapbook Layered Templates

Looking for just the right page template?

We have over 3300 layered page templates and those numbers grow every week! Searching through them can be quite a task so we have recently started tagging templates with the number of photos that they allow for! We haven’t gone back into all the thousands of previously released but the most current are tagged!

Try these searches to find just what you’re looking for!

Photo Books and Albums

1 Photo Pages

2 Photo Pages

3 Photo Pages

4 Photo Pages

5 Photo Pages

6 Photo Pages

7 Photo Pages

Multi Photo Pages

Have fun looking around and get scrapping! We’ll see you back here at DesignerDigitals!

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