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Chalkboard Words Christmas at DesignerDigitals

Days of December

Hello! We are almost a week into December! Are you documenting your days? Be sure to share your days with us in the gallery! It's an exciting time of year and we have over 30 new items to help keep your pages fresh! This includes one at just $ 99 cents priced this way until 6am EST on Sunday, then 20% off with the rest of the new items until 6am EST on Tuesday.

And today is day 6 of our Days of December sale here at DesignerDigitals. We have a brand new $ 99 cent item and a new batch of 375 items marked down 30%. These items will be at that price until 6am EST on Sunday morning.

Have you seen our Photoshop and Photoshop Video Tips and Tricks yet? There is a vast array of topics covered and great information as well.

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And we have the updated product spreadsheet with all the items to help with your layout post linking which you can find in the gallery/forum.

And here is the NEW $ 99 cent item priced this way until 6am EST on Sunday morning ONLY! Chalkboard Words: Christmas No. 01

Chalkboard Words: Christmas No. 01

DesignerDigitals Hot Page of the Week

This week's HOT PAGE comes from Joanne! The blue background makes this page pop and draws you to her adorably recolored vintage photo! I love the paint and glitter splatters she added below the photo too! Simply adorable!

Hello Santa Claus Hello Santa Claus

And here are just a few of the items that she used in her layout:

Merry and Bright: Paint Merry and Bright: Paint
Merry and Bright Element Pack Merry and Bright Element Pack
Silver Glitter Splatters No. 01 Silver Glitter Splatters No. 01
Dictionary Blendables: December No. 01 Dictionary Blendables: December No. 01

Adobe Photoshop or Elements Tip of the Week:

Removing Portions of Adjustment Layers in Photoshop and PSE

You can also watch this tip on video on our blog: Removing Portions of Adjustment Layers in Photoshop and PSE [Video]

In the last tip, you learned how to correct color with non-destructive adjustment layers. We talked about warming up portraits and adjusting color tints. There are times, however, when you want to keep the original color in just a portion of the photo while adjusting the rest. For example, when warming a portrait, you'll get great skin tone, but may yellow the teeth and eyes. Or when adjusting a landscape, you may muddy the sky. Here's how to work around these issues by removing a portion of the adjustment layer.

Begin by recreating the steps in the Correcting Color Tints with a Photo Filter Adjustment in Photoshop and PSE tip.

In the Layers panel, you'll have an adjustment layer over a photo.

Click on the white layer mask thumbnail in the Layers Panel.

Next, get the Brush tool. Choose a soft, round brush from the brush picker in the Options bar. (The Options bar will be at either the top or the bottom of the editing window, depending on your software.)

Change the foreground color to black by pressing the letter D and then X on your keyboard.

Click and drag the brush over the section of the photo you do not want altered by the adjustment layer. Everywhere you brush with black essentially hides the adjustment, allowing the original photo to show through.

For more precision, you can make a selection using one of the selection tools before brushing the mask with black. When you brush, the black will stay within the selection you've made. Press Ctrl D (Mac: Cmd D) to remove the selection when your brushwork is complete.

If you make a mistake and hide a portion that you didn't mean to hide, just change the foreground color to white by pressing X on your keyboard. Select the layer mask thumbnail and brush with the white color.

This is a concept I had trouble wrapping my head around when I first started working in Photoshop. Just remember that when it comes to the adjustment layer mask, black hides the mask and white allows the mask to make the adjustment.

This is nondestructive adjustment at its best - just using white or black brushwork on the mask hides or shows the photo beneath.

Have a great week and we'll see you at DesignerDigitals!

Katie and Randy
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