This is the first LO I have done in months. I have missed it! I have been so busy with school that I haven’t had time to scrapbook. Two more weeks left in the quarter and then I will have more free time Smile

Kitt Cat is unique in so many ways. I got her for free at a garage sale. She has thumbs on her front paws and will some times give me a thumbs up. She doesn’t like to be held, but is super cuddly. She absolutely loves lettuce, and comes running to the kitchen any time someone makes a salad. She also likes to eats crackers and cotton candy. She rarely meows. She runs laps in the house every night, and makes a lot of noise doing so. She is the ultimate definition of a scaredy cat. She can jump about three and a half feet up. Se can spend hours playing with her toy mice, or any other small item she can swat around. She is very particular and only likes things done a certain way. She bathes more than any cat I’ve seen, yet still manages to get mats in her long fur. She likes to drink water from the tap. But most importantly she is loved by those around her.

Autumn Crush Paper Pack
O.M.G. PageSet
CurvyCorner Stitched Blocks No 01
Loosely Labeled Dates
Hello Baby Hand-Drawn brushes

Fonts: Century Gothic, 1942 Report