Bath time holds a special place in my memories of the start of my relationship with my dd. Oh, the battles at the start, but they always ended with a snuggle as I wrapped her in the towel and hugged her tight. It truly is where we became mother and daughter.

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P.S. The LO was deleted so this is a repost. Thank you for understanding.

This is where our relationship was forged. It is where you first learned to trust me; it is where I learned patience and perseverance. It was the setting for some of our greatest battles ... and our even greater triumphs. The tears, the frustrations, the tantrums all melted away in warm, towel-wrapped embraces in the end. Yes, this is where we first grew together as mother and daughter ... in the bathtub.

Photo Corners, Lifted Wings, Tie Fasteners -- Katie Pertiet
OMG Kit (stitching) -- Anna Aspnes
ZipIts, Yellow Grunge Paper -- Pattie Knox
Remember This Template (WordArt), Layered Template 2 (tag),
Layered Template 16 (tag) -- Ali Edwards
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