Journaling: Maisie, your second birthday was a day all about you. We decided to hold off a little get together for the following weekend so this day was all about spoiling you and doing stuff that you would like. We started out the day with presents and then headed out for breakfast in downtown Portsmouth at the Friendly Toast. There were plenty of things for you to look at; from the white enamel reindeer suspended from the high ceiling to the vintage Borden's ice cream sign with a cow on it. There were tons of bright colors to look at, interesting people to watch and OF COURSE there was a HUGE pancake with m&m's and real whipped cream on top. After you thoroughly DEVOURED the whipped cream, m&m's and pancake (in that order of course) we walked around town and you just soaked in all of the things that there were to look at. You waved to everyone, met a little girl named Ella and saw not one but TWO doggies. When we got home we had so many tea parties and then long naps. We finished out the day with burgers and corn on the cob and a chocolate cake with candles that you blew out yourself. I would have to say that you seemed to really enjoy your 2nd birthday and I am so happy that we could make it special for you because you are such a fantastic gift to us. We love you, little girl!
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