Just some little everyday things. Fonts are Challenge and Adler. Journaling: 16. Spent some time in Mater Dolorosa cemetery taking photos of the old headstones and plants. Pleasantly melancholy. Went to a photo editing presentation at Happy Days Conference Center afterward, which was sponsored by the Cuyahoga Valley Photographic Society. 17. ‘Ice Follies’ - love this daffodil! 18. Trout lily - 2 photos and my battery died. 19. Sunday breakfast with friends. 20. Lack of inspiration + knee rehab exercises = shot of master bedroom ceiling fan. 21. Stepping stones, a gift from my friend Vickie. This is the third house they’ve graced. 22. Song (to the tune of “Goober Peas”): Weeds, weeds, weeds, weeds, Pulling ugly weeds. Aren’t they so pernicious, Pulling ugly weeds!