Candles and Cake Papers by Art Warehouse
Grungy Spring by Gretchen Thomas
Ally Oop Alpha by Lynn Grieveson
Button Borders by MaryAnne Wise
Folded Ribbon Bits No. 3 by Pattie Knox
Homeage by Anna Aspnes

I found this For Sale ad of my childhood home tucked in one of my mom’s old photo-albums. Just seeing my house brought back so many memories. If you were facing the house, the windows on the bottom right led to the piano room. My bedroom was right above that. The windows at the top left were to the extra bedroom. Growing up there, the house seemed so big! We had an unfinished basement where my dad (or maybe it was my Uncle Earl?) made a playhouse under the stairs, complete with a light to turn on under there. We also had a swing and a pool table. We used the pool table to build our huge Lego town. It was also a great place to roller skate.
I remember when we decided to put this house up for sale. It was a hard decision for my mom, because she grew up in this house. This neighborhood had been home to her for over 30 years. It had been my home for almost 15 years. It went on the market several years after my dad died. My brother and I were going to school in the next town, and all our activities, church and friends were there. It was time for a change, but it was hard. I was so lucky to grow up in such a great neighborhood. We had lots of friends on our block, lots of room to explore and play, and many, many good memories. - journaled 5/2009