I love the art work that is displayed in Starbucks stores. It always has really cool colors and I wanted to replicate that feel on this layout. I was so happy to find this rub-on in Mindy's kit. It was just what I had in mind.

Journaling: I have ordered this drink so often that Conor (age 8) can now order for me. I have ordered this so many times that Shelby at Crystal Coffee will ask me if I want the usual (I take the kids every Tuesday before piano lessons).

Am I creature of habit? Yes. Do I seem to be overly attached to this drink? Maybe. Will I ever change? Maybe.I used to drink tall, non-fat lattes with one Splenda.

Supply list:
MonoBlendz Dunes Paperie
Autumn Time kit
Lace Strips by Jesse Edwards

Fonts: VT Portable Remington & MA Sexy