This buddha sits in my kitchen window. He is sitting on an inverted margarita glass and holding a glass ball with swirled colors. Every morning while I make my coffee I tell him that it was he who said for all to think for themselves. And that he was wrong. Attachment is is essence of life, not something to be avoided. Hey, you didn't think the kid standing on the desk in the second grade was NOT gonna argue ...with anybody...did ya? I kept the focus in the photo on the sitting part...that's the part he did get SO right. Can't find your own truth if you can't be still.

Pattie Knox
Color Challenge May 10, 2009 - papers

Katie Pertiet
Clean Clusters and Parts No 03 brushes and stamps
Corners and Edges brushes and stamps

Posted Photo Masks No 01 brushes and stamps
Library Card Collection:Birdwatcher

Lynn Grieveson
Worn Frame Edges

Rob and Bob
Sanctuary Alphabet

Art Warehouse
Vibe Alphabet brushes-n-stamps