Vacation! We spent 10 days, in Arizona and Utah. It was wonderful.
Sunday: Mom & Dad drove us to the Grand Canyon where we met up with the Congers for the rest of our vacation.
Monday: Rode the mules to the bottom of the canyon and spent the night at Phantom Ranch.
Tuesday: After riding back out of the canyon, we headed to Lake Powell for a sunset cruise.
Wednesday: There are no words for Bryce Canyon.
Thursday; We took a hike through the slot canyon at Willis Creek.
Friday: More slot canyons, this time Peek-a-boo and Spooky. Beyond amazing!
Saturday: Long drive home, with a stop at a big Cabela’s store outside of Salt Lake City.

Katie Pertiet:
365 LT No.3
Natural Krafty Paper No.1

Kellie Mize
Stapled Alpha