Template: AAspnes Single Multiphoto #4
Paper: KPertiet Naturally Krafty #3
Flower: MTerasawa Mosscape Kit

Week of May 3rd
Okay okay okay. I got into this Project 365 to improve my photography & to get to know my DLSR better. I’ve forced myself to put the little Powershot away & I’m carrying the Sony A100 around. I ordered a new seat belt purse from Mr. Moons (ice blue large satchel w/zipper!) that fits my DSLR. I also got a new lens that will allow me to take better shots in low light (50mm f1.8). Next purchase? A mounted flash, seat belt camera strap from Photojojo & wireless shutter release. I’m sure there’ll be more on my wish list soon. This main photo is from the Sony- SOOC! No PSE tampering. Oh, the moon photo? 100-300mm Macro zoom. OMG. Where have you been my entire life, Sony?