Today would have been my brother's 43 birthday....having a little difficulty with doing some scrap-therapy.....this is one of my favorite photos of us as little ones.

journaling reads:
“I have always loved this old photo of the two of us. You are about 2.5 yrs. old and I am 9 months. Being this young, you could not pronounce Chrissy and it came out Kiki. Of course, Grandma B. thought it was the cutest name so guess what my family name was and is. It wasn’t bad enough that you and the rest of our family called me this growing up....but you went and taught your daughter to call me Aunt Kiki.

Today is May 11, 2009, you would have been 43 yrs old. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about you. I can’t tell you how many times I have almost picked up the phone to call you about something outrageous that Jack did or something sweet that Von said. I can’t believe you are gone. I miss you with all my heart, my dear brother.”

Katie Pertiet:
Cotton Easter paper
Snow Frame
Digitally Pressed flowers
tag & heart from Joy template

Mindy Terasawa:
Moss Scapes paper

Anna Aspnes:
Mariska paper
12x12 page Photoblenz
Photoblenz mask 2
Floral Art brush