Products used:

AAspnes Single Multiphoto template #4
KPertiet - Enchanted paper
AASpnes stitches
PKnox Fasten Its

I used an Orton action for the main photo.


We spent some time cleaning up the yard and
planting our garden. Keith got his veggies
planted, some in the front yard, and I tore up
the dead plants under the front window and
replanted perenniels. I can't wait til they
start bloomin'! Joey is on a weekly bath regime
for his poor skin.Trooper is SO HAPPY that the
sun is out- he's going out every day. 0230 hrs-
my porch light welcomes me home. I FINALLY
mastered the hair dryer & curling brush technique
that Heidi does and I actually like my hair
again! And the Out of Hand Mannequin displays
her latest ensemble...