I was excited to get these fun photos of my 8 year old son in his science class because I finally have a good reason to use Katie's Research Lab brushes and overlays! Wink

Journaling: We were watching t.v. one day and the show was about fun careers. You told me that you wanted to become a scientist because not only are science and math your best subjects but you also really like them.You are one smart boy! It makes so much sense to find what you love and then try to figure a way to make it a big part of your life.Next you said you wanted to be a scientist who studies animals because you really like them too. You know what I really like? The way you think!

Supply list:
MultiFoto Single Layered Template No 26
Research Laboratory brushes-n-stamps
Research Laboratory Overlays
Tasia Solids paper pack
Boys Rawk paper pack