10. Don’t miss the little details while on the rides. Keep your mind and eyes open even if you’ve been on the ride 100 times.
9. Allow time for little ones to just run and play.
8. Take a break for shows and parades. Arrive early for good seats, rest your feet and enjoy the shows and parades.
7. Leave the park in the afternoon. It is too crowded. Visit the hotel pool, eat lunch outside the park, take a nap or otherwise relax.
6. Make use of time standing in line to enjoy the little fun details of the park.
5. Find your ride or spot in the park that is a quiet and peaceful place for you. Go there when you get tired of the crowds.
4. Be prepared and take advantage of the rain that scares other visitors away from the park.
3. Go early in the morning for maximum efficiency. With early entry you can ride all the FantasyLand rides in a much shorter time period. Take a break in the afternoon, then return in the evening for more fun.
2. Have a plan and follow it.
1. One of your favorite rides will be having Technical Difficulties or not be in operation. Don’t freak. Don’t be sad. Don’t get angry. It’s a fact of life. Go with the flow.

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