My take on the MultiFoto Single Layered Template No. 27G by Anna Aspnes, featuring my niece, Brooke for the mini-album.

Papers by ShabbyPrincess, Stitched #3 Cream by Anna Spnes, and a tag embellishment by me.

I canít believe how big youíre getting. I sometimes forget that these are your formative years where you learn and grow the most, and getting to see that process happen, and contributing to a healthy, happy childhood is something I am so glad I can be a part of.

You already show signs of fierce independence, and you outwit your adult counterparts on a daily basis. Weíre constantly surprised by something you say or a subtle change in tone that you pick up on. You are one smart girl, you donít miss a beat.

Okay, so maybe Iím a little biased because Iím your uncle, but I think youíre the sweetest thing Iíve ever seen. I feel so lucky to know you and to be able to capture this time in your life for you to see when youíre all grown up.

Itís amazing what a toddler can teach someone who has lived a fourth of a lifetime, but every time I see you, you show me something that I would have normally overlooked. Iím not a kid person, but I light up when you are around, and you help me to re-realize the small, beautiful everyday joys that life has to offer.