Well, one 30MM I'm finally proud of! ;-)

Journaling: My dear baby girl, what haunts your
thoughts as you lay sleeping? You scream,
and I come running. But you don’t even
know comfort is there for you. You see
things only you can see. Your mind tells
you things that terrify you to your soul,
but the memories of which fade with the
morning light. I want you to know I am
there, holding you, rocking you,
praying it away until the terrors cease
and sleep finally returns.

Wooden Ornament Staples, FLossy Stitches Black,
HungUp Frames, Stitching Hole Border, Classic Paper -- Katie Pertiet
FastenIts -- Pattie Knox
Vibe Alpha -- Art Warehouse
Color Challenge 9 Nov 08 -- Lynn Grieveson