Been going through some "personal growth" trauma at our house lately with our oldest ds. This too shall pass ... hopefully! ;-)

Thank you for looking.

PS Thanks, Sam, for catching the typo. Corrected it on my copy and on the journaling below! ;-)

Journaling: You look at me, and your eyes ask, “Why? Why do I have to go through this? It’s painful!” My sweet boy, I’d love for you not to suffer, but the reality is that life is not pain-free. Sometimes, our pain is an unwelcomed surprise; at others, a result of our own doing. This one was of your doing. You did not heed the warnings given you, and you inevitably suffered the consequences of your actions. Now, for the advice -- Regardless of the source, you can only chose one of two ways to deal with your pain. One way is to rail against it, to cry out against the seeming injustice of it. It is a natural response, and it may even be a suitable response for a time, especially for unexpected pain. However, there will never be any growth from
that pain if this is the only response you can muster. The second way is to learn from your pain; to take a deep, hard look at whys and whats of the pain and to see if there is a lesson there to be gleaned. Often, there is. It has been my experience that we stubborn humans only seem to really learn through pain or misfortune. We are often too complacent to do so otherwise. The question is, my dear son: Which way will YOU choose?

Spring branches, Proof Sheet Frames (Staples).
Rounded Word Strips, Date Strip Stamps,
White Stitching, Naturally Krafty Paper,
Little Tot Transport -- Katie Pertiet