I did this layout yrs ago but felt the need to give it an uplift. This is about my nephew. Once the star pitcher at his high school now the odd man out. It's a very frustrating situation. After 4 yrs. he's in the same predicament. I just want to scream out for him "Put him coach he's ready to play!" He will be graduating from college next month. I plan on giving him this layout as a gift.

“low man on the totem pole. fueling…….frustration, aggravation, depression it seems, decreasing………confidence, patience, acceptance with the team stirring…the worthiness, the hopefulness, the competitiveness spirit in YOU! All in good time Tyler, all in good time. Sitting the pine.”

Anna Aspnes: paper textures 1, tissue paper neutrals, stitched by Anna White 3
Katie Pertiet: Krafty Plain paper, assorted tapes, Mailroom Paper
Lynn Grieveson: Word Edges 12 x 12 overlays
Meredith Fenwick: Digisupply Closet paint strokes
Cassie Jones: HTDT7 Blend, Burn & Dodge, HTDT6 Offset Stamping, HTDT 19 Recoloring Essentials