Easter week. I found these adorable ceramic bunnies at Pier 1 on clearance and bought 1 for me. Then I decided Mardi, Natalie & Veronica needed one too. We had a yummy Easter brunch at Mike& Mardi’s. On Monday, I attended the Dispatcher Luncheon. On Tuesday, there was a HORRIBLE wind storm and Nanette’s car got crunched by a tree while she was at work. She was happy tho, since she hated that car and her “penny pinchin’ husband” was stalling the purchase of a new one. :D Keith finished planting the Olive Orchard and I planted flowers in the front and back. Deb cleaned the yard. It was HOT this week!

Back Story:
Our friend, Nanette missed being in her car when the tree fell on it by 15 minutes. Luckily, she left work late. Her "penny pinchin'" husband is notorious for his penny pinchin' ways and we tease him mercilessly. Guess she'll finally be getting her new car!! If the car wasn't totaled, we had bets going she'd still be driving it Wink She sent us pics from her cellphone, but I couldn't get the photo to be clear, so I put the cute bunny in it's place Smile

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