A conversation with a friend today got me thinking about this.. and I have wanted an excuse to buy Pattie's cute little ducks when I first saw them and this gave me the perfect opportunity

a little off kilter...
that is probably how i would describe how i climb stairs
i resemble somewhat of a duck waddling upstairs pushing off to the side each step and tend to go up with the same leading foot each step...most people probably assume from looking at me it is because i am overweight which in reality has very little to do with it...
what most people don’t know is that i have a form of muscular dystrophy which has affected my hip flexors mostly which controls your ability to lift your legs and push off vertically
so where most people push off vertically, i need to push off to the side using almost exclusively my quads for strength. my calves are also hypertrophic so don’t relax allowing for fluid movement... you know all those exercises that want you to do squats...
well, my inability to do squats is what triggered doctors actually looking deeper into what was going on instead of just labeling me as weak or lazy as junior high physical edge teachers had. i often wonder if i don’t try harder to lose weight because it is easier to allow people to assume what they will than have them look and treat me differently when they know
i am off kilter, so what...

Mindy Terasawa - Courage & Strength kit
Cassie Jones - LIAO No. 8 (10 things I love about frames - to make frame)
Katie Pertiet - Metal Sheets
Pattie Knox - Barnyard Friends, Fasten Its
Ali Edwards - Layered Template No. 15 (hinges)

paper effect achieved using a cellophane action effect & applying it on top of the paper squares