I Hate Math

That’s what it really is. It’s not the taxes. I’m grateful that we are making enough money to
be paying taxes. Really. Seriously. What I hate is math. It doesn’t matter if I’m using a
CPA or Turbotax, there’s still math involved. I’ve heard it said that math is like music; it
is a language. Well, I like music. Heck. I LOVE music. But, I can’t read music. When I
was 10 my parents bought a used piano and I got piano lessons. The best part about piano
lessons was it got me out of answering any music questions in school because the teacher
figured I knew music. HAH! Fooled her. (Sorry, Mrs. Hair) My poor piano teacher could
never teach me to read music. I was a hopeless case. My parents traded the piano in for a
sweet ride...a Stingray bicycle, complete with a happening banana seat. You remember, you
know you do. My first anxiety attack? First grade....a test with 2+3=___ and I couldn’t remember
learning 2+3 and was too stressed to think about using my fingers. Freshman Algebra? I was in
the back of the class writing poetry. In my own defense, I did get one of my algebra poems
published in the newspaper. You see, my dad was working in Taiwan at the time...
never mind. That’s another story. Math. I filled out one of those half-page 1040’s once
when I was single and made less than $12,000 a year. By the time I was done it said I owed
thousands. Math. Hate it As far as languages go there are so many I would rather learn.
Right now if I had a piano I’d be playing the blues, if I knew how to play. And I’d be
singin’ something like “Ain’t got no money, Ain’t got no time, Can’t you hear me Uncle
Saaaaam, I ain’t got a dime”. Wait...lyrics...math...I feel a poem coming on......excuse me...

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