This is the story of Ben and the big scary horse. The photo was taken a few weeks after the incident in the story, but he is still scared of him.


One day, while Mummy was at work, Ben went to stay on the farm with his Nanny. They were having a fabulous day playing around the farm. Then it came that time of the day that Ben needed to have a sleep. Now Ben was always a little reluctant to go to sleep through the day, so out of desperation, Nanny decided to take him for a drive in the car around the farm. Off they went in the car, passing all the different animals around the farm. They saw the dogs and cats. They saw the cows and the chickens, and at last came to the horses. Now, as they were driving past the horse paddock, Nanny noticed that the naughty Clydesdale, Clyde, had broken the fence trying to get the grass on the other side. Nanny pulled the car up to the fence and got out to go and try to fix it. Just as she realised that it was going to be a much bigger job than she had first thought, she heard Ben screaming from the car. Dropping what she was doing, she ran back to the car to find Ben, strapped in his car seat, with Clyde’s head through his window and in his lap. If you can imaging, it was a mighty large head and he is only a little boy .Nanny pushed Clyde out of the way and got to Ben to calm him down. Ben kept repeating something over and over. Nanny wasn’t sure what Ben was saying. Up till now, Ben only been saying a few words mixed in with a lot of babble. After quite some time of repeating the same phrase over and over, Nanny was finally able to decipher what he was saying. “Horsey in car. Ben scared!” Clyde had scared the words right out of him!

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