Keith and I (mostly Keith) cleaned up the yard after a long winter of neglect. That dang redwood tree. The weather alternated between hot wind & warm showers, causing the front yard to start blooming like crazy! Daralyn met me at Starbucks and we spent 90 minutes making Thank You cards for the door prizes collected for the Dispatcher Luncheon. I was happy when my biopsy bandaid fell off & it looks ok. Heidi highlighted & cut my hair at Daredevils & Queens. Joey got his portrait taken outside. Even though he refused to look at me, I think they turned out nice! I used a “chocolate action” to fancy it up.

Template: AAspnes Single Multifoto layered template #4
Paper: AAspnes Lt Texture Neutrals
Flower stems: MWise Color Challenge 4/5/09
Daisy: Jofia Devoe