Catching up!
Spring is coming! We ended March by visiting a local nursery in Windsor to investigate a good price
on Olive trees. We spent about an hour talking to the old guy who owned the property & explored the
grounds. Debbie’s birthday was also a highlight of this week. I gave her my apple photo, framed. Abby & Kris came to stay with Deb and we all went to dinner at Cena Luna, with mom too. The hostess took this photo of us (mom escaped the photo shoot). I also had my first skin biopsy - wheeeee! On Saturday, we did some spring cleaning & then to the Anderson’s to watch the Europe Video. Fun!!

(The "old guy" was exactly that- old & chatty, not in a hurry and loved his nursery. He was a character! I'll probably change the journaling to say that. As well as fix the text on the bottom right... any typos?? Speak now or forever hold your peace!)
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