Life has gotten crazy in the last month. I've been able to keep up with the 365 and so glad for that. Here's a couple weeks to share.

15 - Jennifer’s team played their final scrimmage before the start of regular league play in two weeks. It was my first time to really get to use my new lens.

16 - After 5 days in a row of soccer games and practice you would think Jennifer would take the day off - oh no! Here she is in the backyard kicking the ball.

17 - It’s St. Patrick’s Day. The girls wear green for Grandma and to protect themselves at school.

18 - Our first box of vegetables are here for this year. We are members of a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm.

19 - Jackie continues horseback riding lessons. She trots over poles to teach the horse a steady trot and to bend. It also is preparation for jumping.

20 - At Jennifer’s Girl Scout meeting, they made a bread salad and worked on the Humans and Habitats badge.

21 - For Jennifer’s birthday party, she wanted to invite her three best friends from school to spend the day with her at Monterey. The girls visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium, ate lunch at a crepe shop, picked out taffy at the Candy Baron and played at Dennis the Menace park. They were so well-behaved and had a great time spending the day together.