As my journaling says, I have been saying this to Rilyn since she was born. When the word art came out I knew I had to use it on a page but I needed JUST the right photo(s). Thanks to Linda (earlofoxford) I now have some really great pictures of the two of us. She took these of us when Myra, Linda and I met last week. Thanks Linda!! I knew right away what page I wanted to do!
Journaling: When you were just a little new-
born I would say these 4 words
to you all the time. I just love
you. The way I said it would make
you giggle. It’s what I would
say to you when I was sleep
deprived & it was the only
thing that I could think of to
make you smile. It’s what I
would say to you when I was
completely overwhelmed, with love.
When there was no other way to
express the joy that you fill my
heart with. You are growing up
so fast and everyday I just
love you a little bit more
EDITED TO ADD: I can't take credit for the cutout on the Journaling paper. It is Katies Lovely Photo Masks (link below) I LOVE THESE.
All DD:
Drow Shadow Styles
Art Class Frames no.2
Lovely Photo masks
Scatterings no.2
Metal Clips
DAte Strips no.2
Tagged Monograms
Bunny Hop Hop pinstripes
Beautiful Day Mini Kitaltered (Ricrac wraps)
Skribble Arrows
His Valentine Staple
Curvy Corners stitched Blocks recolored using
Cassie Jones:
HTDT? no.19 Recoloring elements
Absolutely Acrylic Hearts
Loving Life word art
Bergen Paper
April Picnic Solids

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