For the Daily Dose Challenge (No. 7). I used this website for inspiration:

I used some photos I took of my daughter the day after she turned 14. Wikipedia explains what a "fjortis" is: Fjortis is a derogatory Scandinavian term for young teens who behave in an immature, insecure or naive way. The word can also be used for people in other age groups, fjortis then being not an age but rather a behaviour type. A fjortis immaturity guides him to take every chance to show how confident and mature he is. Concepts like being "in" or "right", to "have a life" and to be "normal" are key.

When we took these pictures, Heidi made a layout about being a "fjortis". I have used the journaling she wrote on her page. It says: "I'm a fjortis, but not really a typical one, like the girls who use a ton of makeup and stuff. I'm just a normal person and it's not important to me to be a fjortis". :-D

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