paper: Worn Page Edges 2 by Lynn Grievson, Frippery Wisp Papers 1 by Tracy Ann Designs, I Grow by Tracy Ann Designs
frames: Assorted Frames by Tracy Ann Designs
alpha: Ledger Mixed Monograms by Katie Pertiet (soft blend mode)
border lines: Autumn Garden kit by Jesse Edwards
fonts: Rockwell, High Tower Text

design inspired by a tourism ad for fayetteville, NC

Subtitle: Animals on a Working Farm in County Cork, Ireland

journaling: We particularly liked the animals on the farm. Charlie, Grandpa’s herding dog, was “ruined” by us to hear Grandpa tell it. We played with him constantly, and he wouldn’t work anymore because he just wanted the attention and activity of three children. Apparently he stayed by the house door, whining for us, for weeks after we left to go home to Boston.

We got to help milk the cows, see the sheep being shorn and “dipped”, and even watch Grandma catch and kill a chicken for dinner and help pluck the feathers off it. (OK, so the axe part was kind of yucky, and the feather removal is harder than you’d think!) Also, we played a lot with the barn kittens. Grandma hated that, she didn’t like cats at all and wouldn’t allow them in the house.