A Scraplift of Sabine's layout using Anna's new template and Cayenne papers:
(I love this new template to create artsy layouts!)

Anna Aspnes: FotoBlendz Layered Template 5 , Passionaire FotoBlendz (butterfly), MB Cayenne Papers
Katie Pertiet: Loosely Labeled
Cassie Jones: HDTD Custom Photo Brushes 8
(used to create a butterfly brush from Anna's Passionaire Mask)
Catrine (Catscrap) Datestrip
Paisley Press (Oscrap) Presslines
Lady Victoria (brush) heart
Font CK Maternal (year)

A photo of a wonderful new member of my family (DIL) and her grandma last year. (unfortunately, gm is gone now). I made Anna's scratch brush from her FBlenz layered template 5 into 3 brushes signifying the mother, daughter and GD and the love they have for her grandma.