This layout was scraplifted from one by katrinak titled “Ecstatic” featured in the Designer Digital Gallery on October 24, 2008. Great inspiration! Thank you.

Background paper: K Pertiet Naturally Krafty No3-7
Orange paper: K Pertiet CKU kit1-orange
Brackets: J Eckles Textured Brackets Freebie
Greatest Joy: A Edwards Loving Life Word Art
Font: CK Ali's Writing

I love trying to take pictures of Kylie in the swing. It's like a workout for my poor camera as it tries to focus, focus, focus. I can practically hear it panting out of breath. It's fun for me because I'm pushing the swing, talking with Kylie, aiming the camera, and trying to not get kicked in the face. In this photo, I can feel the motion of the swing. I can remember how cold it was because Kylie is tucking her face into her coat. And I love that I caught my first sun flare. I hope that taking pictures every day for a year will make me a better photographer. But the real truth is that I absolutely love being behind the camera. I love that I get to capture moments like this.