For the Simply Inspired brushes contest.

It's just the cutest thing when Jaimee claps, and when she does, we always say "clappy baby!" which gets her smiling even more.
These looks on her face just kill me.

Katie Pertiet:
A Bit of Grunge No 3 paper
Floral Edgers No 1 Brushes & Stamps (colored)
Ledger Grids No 2 Brushes & Stamps
Letter Box Clusters No 3 Brushes & Rub Ons (recolored)
Grunged Up Photo Blocks No 2 Brushes & Stamps
Flossy Stitches (recolored)
Date Strips Stamps No 2
Tied Fasteners No 3 (recolored)
Drop Shadow Styles
background paper by Katie Pertiet included in Cassie Jones' weaving tutorial

Anna Aspnes:
Girlish Text Art Frames No 1 (colored)
Stitched by Anna creme

Cassie Jones:
Recoloring Tutorial

other: tiny tattered alpha and chipboard bracket by Shabby Princess, SS Play Font Words ("baby")

4/17/09 ETA: YAY! Nah!