A picture of me & Ryan when he was 2 weeks old Smile

Been working on this for about 4 days, I dunno what's happened to my creativity just lately!! And I told myself I would do a layout that didn't involve squares of paper but I just had to use Ali's new template, so here we are, another 'block' design haha!

Katie Pertiet:
Flossy Stitches - White
Loosely Labeled Dates
Yarn Ties No.01
Worn & Torn Journalers
Stamped Blocks No.09
Ali Edwards:
Ali Edwards Layered Template No.33 (Altered)
Memory Tags
Michelle Martin:
Olan Paper Pack
Olan Solids Paper Pack
Lynn Grieveson:
Worn Page Edges
Worn Photo Edges
Anna Aspnes:
Naturelle Paperie (White Paper - Desaturated)
Stitched by Anna White No.01
Stitched by Anna White No.02

Thanks for taking a look Smile