Some folklore for your entertainment ladies. This shot, taken last October during my son’s wedding, shows me dancing a solo “zeimbekiko” dance, and the best man keeps the rhythm clapping his hands. Here some words about this music; "Rebetiko" music and its companion the “zeimbekiko" dance, mostly known to the foreigners as syrtaki or Zorba dance, is recognized internationally as an original music. It is equal with the “Blues”, the “Fados” of Portugal, the “Tango” music, even the “Rock”. Original music is created under special circumstances; it expresses special feelings, from special people at a special moment in time. Rebetico is an authentic music, which was created the year 1922, from the 1,5 million Greek refugees from Minor Asia, today Turkey. Through this music those people expressed their pain for the lost country, home etc. A great number of these songs describe the pain of love. When somebody hears a “rebetico” song gets up and dances this solo “zeimbekiko” dance. The movements of his body describe the painful feelings raised from the hearing. There are 8 basic steps, but mostly it’s a self expressive dance. There aren’t even two people dancing in the same way. In this dance soul drives your steps; it comes out of your body and you dance together with your inner feelings. Some more wine helps you to dance better. People who attend the dancer share his feelings and keep the rhythm clapping their hands and in many cases, they break dishes and glasses or throw flowers to him. It is an extreme way to show their approval. My opinion is that both, music and dance are good for psychotherapy. Unfortunately, both became a tourist attraction. Thanks for your time. A Wedding Photo book is on the way.
Katie Pertiet
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