Journaling: Nanny Marge, my father's mom, taught me to crochet when I was in third grade, I remember sitting beside a swimming pool with a crochet needle and a ball of yarn as she taught me. I was about 8 years old and we were visiting her in Florida. I still crochet occasionally all of these years later. I remember growing up having 2 afghan's that she had made for us in the house and when my mom died, Dad gave one to Sean and the other to me. It was a treasure to me, even though it was pretty and well made, it was more the memory of something that my grandmother had MADE, something that connected me to her. She created afghan after afghan for her children and grandchildren in a multitude of colors. And we have that 'create' gene in common. So when many years after her death in 1990, my aunt offered another afghan Nanny had made to me, I happily accepted. Even though that afghan may be thick and chunky, in an odd combination of colors, it is a connection, one that she never knew, in life, that we had.

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