I can't remember whether this was originally a school or town hall; in either case, it's been "repurposed" in recent years, apparently housing grain stores for a nearby farm. So much of our rural history has disappeared; I think it's great that someone found a way to keep a bit of the old around by putting it to a new use.


Katie Pertiet – Naturally Krafty No. 3, Classic Cardstock, Letter Box papers; Petite Paper Flowers; Stamped Stitches No. 2 Brushes-n-Stamps
Jesse Edwards – Clean & Serene 2 Solids paper
Pattie Knox – Staple Its!
Anna Aspnes – Distressed Edge FotoFrames No. 1; FotoBlendz Clipping Masks No. 8; Passionaire FotoBlendz No. 1; Dripped Stains ToolSet No. 1; Stitching by Anna No. 1 White; Kraft Torn Edges (version 3 only)
Lynn Grieveson – Worn Page Edges

Dominican Italic, Dominican Small Caps