I could not resist snapping this picture this afternoon.

Journaling reads: Take a peek into our bathroom. Don't open the door or he'll get upset. See, he says he's got cows in there, but when I heard the radio playing, I thought I should check on him. "Musik, Mom. Shut door." Little did he know that after I shut the door, I watched him from the crack in the door. He's whirling and spinning to the music on the radio...dancing his little heart out. It makes him so happy to see him happy. Even if he has to hide in the bathroom to dance, he's doing what he wants to do. Keep it up little man....b.yourself.

Products used:
Katie Pertiet's Alandia Meadow Solids-Dark Grey

Anna Aspnes' Curvy Corners Stitched Borders

Pattie Knox's Absolutely Acrylic Alpha

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