2 months down, 10 to go:)

Sunday: Mr. Crabby moves in. Instant fav.
Monday: The start of my Address Project.
Tuesday: This is how Doug places his pillow in the morning to keep the light from his clock waking me up.
Wednesday: Colt is not normally on the bed, but I wanted to practice some dog shots and the light is so nice in the bedroom.
Thursday: Brett has been sick all week. Took him to the Doctor (sinus infection) and then out to lunch at Roanns.
Friday: Maggie (our exchange student from Germany) gave this to me over 27 years ago and I still like it.
Saturday: Doug pruned, I picked up.

Katie Pertiet
365 Layered Template set No.3
Natural Krafty Paper No.5

Pattie Knox
Itty Bitty Alpha