Just squeaking in under the wire here with my 6th contest entry (for Assignment 3: journaling), a page chronicling one of life's inconvenient truths. It turned out to be a somewhat rushed affair, thanks to my having laid low for the past few days by a nasty cold, and then, today, having my computer time interrupted by an extended power outage, so it's not quite as polished as I might've wished, but that's how it goes sometimes!


Katie Pertiet – Date Strip Stamps No. 2, Stitching Hole Borders Brushes-n-Stamps; Winged Epoxies; Clock Parts; Ledger Mixed Monograms No. 2; Yarn Swirls No. 2;

Anna Aspnes – Antiquity and Avalanche 2 papers; Stitched by Anna No. 1 White; Passionaire FotoBlendz; Script Tease Time No. 1; Labelled Number Brush Set

Pattie Knox – Brad Bonanza; Staple Its!

Mindy Terasawa – Crazy Beautiful papers


P22 Typewriter, YourEyes, Carboncillo Palo, Cheapskate Fill, Telegraphem, Memory Lapses, Social Animal