1. Sleeping babies, especially MY sleeping babies. Extra smiles for both of them sleeping at the same time!!
2. A clean kitchen. A clean bathroom. A clean anything, especially if it stays that way for more than 15 minutes.
3. The sound I imagine being made when I put a staple on a digital scrapbook layout. I know, it sounds crazy, but it really does make me smile ... and want to add lots of staples to my layouts!!
4. A hot bubble bath with a new, unread magazine and a glass of wine.
Extra smiles for a few chunks of chocolate to go with it!
5. A quiet but full house at the end of a busy day.
6. The name of someone I know (and like) in the "From" category of my email inbox.
7. Positive comments listed under the scrapbook layouts I post at
8. Hot coffee with just enough creamer along with a chocolate chip cookie or warm pop tart.
9. Cherry ZERO, icy cold from the can.
10. A great photo of someone I love.
11. A well-designed scrapbook page, by me or anyone else.
12. New posts on Ali Edwards' blog. She's just so inspirational.
13. Dinner cooked and ready to eat, without any effort on my part.
14. Sunshine streaming through the windows in my house, especially during the morning hours.
15. Smiles on my little ones' faces. And my big ones, too!!
16. The sight of the mailman or delivery guy coming to the door with a package, especially if I'm expecting a packet of photos or printed scrapbook pages.
17. A great new book full of creative inspiration, like Ali Edwards' "Life Artist" or Becky Fleck's "Page Maps" or similar books.
18. A great font. My two favorite additions to my collection this week ... LD Letterpress & LD Olympia Portable. The first is a distressed, stamp-like font and the second is exactly like the type produced by my gramma's old italic typewriter. I can't wait to use each of them in some new scrapbook pages.
19. The chain & pendants I wear almost every day. It's just a basic chain with a key, a lock and a ring that says "imagine" on it. Nothing fancy, but I really like it.
20. Clothes that fit and look half-way decent. I have a ton of clothes, so you'd think this would be an easy thing. But somehow it's just not. Someday...
21. The consistency of a routine day. Morning coffee & email. The Today Show. My soaps ... Young & the Restless, As the World Turns, Days of our Lives ... the peace & quiet of afternoon naps and time to work. Return of the boys & husband at the end of the day for a few hours of family time. Quiet again and time to reflect...

Katie Pertiet:
Notebook Paper
Date Strip Stamps No 2

Shabby Princess:
Promise Kit

Anna Aspnes:
Stitched by Anna - Circles No 2

Mira Designs:
Stamp the Date Vol 2

Atomic Cupcake:
Button Obsession Kit
Fruity Kit

Ronna Penner:
Express Yourself Kit

1942 Report
LD Letterpress