I took this photo of the ashes and oil used for our Ash Wednesday service, which inspired me to write this Lenten contemplation. May it bless you.

Thank you for looking!


The waiting begins ...

We have perished in flames
and are left sitting
amidst the ruinous ashes.
Fallen, dirty, unable to lift our head,
we stubbornly look inward
to find hope
but find only despair.
How long must we sit,
stained and hurting?
What rescue can be ours?

Be patient, my heart!
Take courage
and look closely
at the hardness within.
Then slowly, ever so slowly,
a light will dawn,
our hope will be restored
and we shall rise from the ashes singing
as the charred stone on our heart
is rolled away
by His unseen Hand ...

Curvy Corners Stitch Border, Magical Sparkles brush, Passionaire FotoBlendz Masks, Korners N Edges, Paraiso Azul (buttons) -- Anna Aspnes
Rag Bag Remnant -- Pattie Knox