This week's IdeaBooks4u blog challenge is to add some weight to an element (using whatever technique you'd like). Both Sarah and I used techniques we used in Cassie's tutorial about creating stickers (see below).

Journaling reads:When I was a poor college student, I remember buying a week’s worth of groceries for $10 dollars. Granted, it wasn’t the healthiest meals in the world (5 packages of Ramen noodles for a $1) but it sufficed. Dinner sometimes would be a huge bowl of popcorn rounded out with a can of Diet Pepsi. Once in the working world the bill increased to around $25 per week as I included some actual fruits and vegetables in my cart. At this point, I still wanted to make sure I saved my money for important things like cute outfits and nights out with my friends. Now years later, it sometimes stuns me how much we pay for food each week. Our bill is always over $100 and getting closer to $150 per week. Meal planning is harder too. Trying to find recipes that are healthy and that the kids will actually eat is an on-going challenge. I don’t miss the ramen noodles, but I do miss that $10 grocery bill!

Pattie Knox: Chat freebie template (thanks Pattie)!
Katie Pertiet: Naturally Krafty No. 4, File Cards No. 2,
Anna Aspnes: 12x12 Distressed Edge Overlay No. 3, Day in Review brush set (shopping cart)
Jesse Edwards: Clean and Serene Solids
Ali Edwards: For the Love of Polka - Holiday
Cassie Jones: Laying It All Out No. 03 Custom Stickers and Clever Layering