For "Simply Inspired" Challenge --

Gretchen Thomas: All Heart Paper
Anna Aspnes: Sketchy Multi-FotoFrames 1, Distressed Korners n Edges 4, Dog Word Art 1 (altered to say "cat")

My doodles/elements: Chandelier, curtains, side vertical writing "Meow and Buddy," Dots at bottom of page.

Font: Fountain Pen Frenzy

I hand drew my elements. made a brush with them then scanned and cleaned up. Fun to draw elements, not fun to clean them up! (Why doesn't my magic wand perform "magic?")

Buddy and Meow are 100 pounds apart, but poor Buddy listens to Meow. When she is at the top of the stairs, he must wait until she moves! But she has gotten better with age Smile