My beautiful DGD in her new frock

Scanty Journal Lines 3,
Tracy Ann Digital Art -
Beautiful Day template (altered),
Beginnings 3 (slightly recolored),
heart circle from Simply Said Spring,
Stamped Alphabet,
font is ld cursive flourish.

It’s a little early for Easter pictures, to
be sure. But since I won’t see you again before
easter, plus the fortuitous chance that we happen to have
a litter of baby bunnies right now, and it just seemed to be the
thing to do. Naomi, you seemed alternately pleased and facsinated
by the little creatures, interested in their softness and your
ability to pick them up by the ears with nary a complaint
from them. As the bunnies hopped off the blanket and
your naptime grew closer, it was obvious that the
too-short session was soon over. But I think it was a success.

tfl, susan